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Feb 18 2016

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The Swords is an action game of wuxia (ancient martial art). It tells the story of a sword master's life and his deep immersion in the art of swords. Amidst the ink wash painting is the light and shade of swords, which embodies the fighting and pursuit of a sword master.


Shortly after launching "A Ride into the Mountains", the Sunhead duo attended Indie Speed Run, an international Game Jam competition. They had a fruitful collaboration with two other developers. The final outcome also won over the favor of judge and received Notch's Pick. After the event, They approached the artistic partner Allen Lee, also an independent developer himself, for the preparation of the next game. This was the beginning of "the Swords".

Although there are already numerous wuxia games in store, the developer team thinks few truly focus on the excitement of combat, one of the cores of wuxia. The team would like to celebrate this element. Therefore, the fighting scenes are simplified and condensed. Backgrounds, decorations, and even figures are withdrawn. The only thing left is the moment of sword-fighting full of power and speed. In terms of artistic expressions, this world is consisted of ink wash painting and calligraphy. The magnificent combat music is the work of Zoetrope International, a renowned composer team for glove puppetry scores. This game attempts to convey the beauty of movements in wuxia to the players.


  • Martial arts game with the beauty of movements
  • Unique gameplay mechanics, various controls expresses different sword-fighting techniques
  • Artistic expressions consisted of ink wash paintings and calligraphy
  • Magnificent combat game scores
  • A complete game without in-app purchases or advertisements


Trailer YouTube, .mp4

Gameplay YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Apple App Store "Best of 2016" in Taiwan" 2016
  • "Google Play "Best of 2016" in Taiwan" 2016
  • "IGF China 2015 - Best Mobile Game" 2015
  • "Indie Stream Award 2015 - Special Recognition Award" 2015
  • "Game on Weekend 2015 - Best Game" 2015
  • "GMGC 2016 - Indie Pitch Arena Winner" 2016
  • "Indie Prize Awards Asia 2016 - Best Game Design Nominee" 2016
  • "Red Bull’s Mobile Game Of The Year Award 2016 - #8" 2016

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    - Nick Dinicola, PopMatters
  • "Become a sword master and defeat your foes in The Swords"
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  • "The Swords - A cut above the rest?"
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • "Practice Patience with Painterly, Puzzle-like Swordplay"
    - Daniel Fries, Kill Screen
  • "The Swords: A Magnificent Mobile Melee"
    - Jim Hargreaves, TheSixthAxis

Zoetrope International
Music Production team of The Swords. Check their SoundCould: soundcloud.com.

About Sunhead Games

Sunhead Games is a Taiwan-based independent game studio founded in 2012, responsible for A Ride into the Mountains, The Swords, and Carto. Currently a 4-person team, they seek to create unique games with passion and an independent spirit.

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