Sunhead Games
Based in Taipei, Taiwan

Founding date
March, 2012


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A Ride into the Mountains
The Swords



Sunhead Games is a Taiwan-based independent game studio founded in 2012, responsible for A Ride into the Mountains, The Swords, and Carto. Currently a 4-person team, they seek to create unique games with passion and an independent spirit.


Pre- Sunhead

Back in 2010, Lee-Kuo Chen and Chia-Yu Chen met while working for the same company. They had adjacent seats and interacted frequently with the common enthusiasm and fervent interest towards indie games. In 2012, they decided to leave the company and create their own work.

A Ride into the Mountains

Their first outcome "A Ride into the Mountains" is a retro action game depicting an adventure of a horse rider into the mountain woods. This game took well over a year to develop. Almost every bit was completed on their own, which also explains such a long time it took to finish. By the time they launch the game, they have already lost confidence to carry on. Fortunately, the game received not only positive feedbacks from the players, but also a number of critical acclaims from international media such as The Verge, TouchArcade, and IndieGames.com. These are the main reasons for their passions to keep working.

The Swords

"The Swords", an action-based game of ancient martial arts, is the latest work from Sunhead Games. It is a story about a sword master and his lifelong immersion in the art of swords. In addition to the original team members, Allen Lee also joined the development team as an artist. The three of them could not dedicate themselves in this project full-time, therefore most of the work is done at their leisure time. They then met in the weekends to discuss the progress. After two years and hundreds of coffees, the game is done. The Swords is widely acclaimed after release.


After being developed for 4 years, Carto is now released on PC and Consoles.



Carto YouTube

The Swords YouTube

A Ride into the Mountains YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "IGF - Excellence in Design Honorable Mentions" - Carto, 2019
  • "Experimental Gameplay Workshop - Official Selection" - Carto, 2019
  • "BitSummit - Visual Excellence Award" - Carto, 2018
  • "Indieplay Awards - Excellence in Game Design" - Carto, 2020
  • "Apple App Store "Best of 2016" in Taiwan" - The Swords, 2016
  • "Google Play "Best of 2016" in Taiwan" - The Swords, 2016
  • "IGF China 2015 - Best Mobile Game" - The Swords, 2015
  • "Indie Stream Award 2015 - Special Recognition Award" - The Swords, 2015
  • "Game on Weekend 2015 - Best Game" - The Swords, 2015
  • "GMGC 2016 - Indie Pitch Arena Winner" - The Swords, 2016
  • "Indie Prize Awards Asia 2016 - Best Game Design Nominee" - The Swords, 2016
  • "Red Bull’s Mobile Game Of The Year Award 2016 - #8" - The Swords, 2016
  • "App Store "Best of 2013" in Taiwan & Hong-Kong" - A Ride into the Mountains, 2013
  • "GameApe Mobile Game Award - Silver Award in Taiwanese Games" - A Ride into the Mountains, 2013
  • "Gamezebo The Best Games of 2013" - A Ride into the Mountains, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "The mechanic is so clever I'm surprised it's never been quite done like this"
    - Papa Niero, Destructoid
  • "It’s the ideal game for sitting curled up in 20 blankets and drinking tea while solving some map puzzles"
    - Julia Lee, Polygon
  • "Carto is a unique masterpiece that is the epitome of charm"
    - Alex Harding, Switchaboo
  • "Mobile Games to Make Time Fly"
    - Kit Eaton, The New York Times
  • "'The Swords' Is a Short Game With a Simple Title That Hides a Wealth of Beauty"
    - Nick Dinicola, PopMatters
  • "Become a sword master and defeat your foes in The Swords"
    - Christine Chan, AppAdvice
  • "The Swords - A cut above the rest?"
    - Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • "A Ride Into the Mountains is a very impressive game that makes the most of old-school graphics by creating a compelling storyline."
    - Jason Parker, CNET
  • "'A Ride into the Mountains' is a beautiful, challenging adventure"
    - Andrew Webster, The Verge
  • "This isn't a novelistic game. It's poetic. It doesn't say much, but it says it with quiet elegance."
    - David Clarke, TouchArcade
  • "A Ride into the Mountains is a picturesque, archery-based, epic adventure"
    - John Polson, IndieGames.com

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Lee-Kuo Chen

Chia-Yu Chen

Kuan Hung Chen

Eddie Yu

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